An Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza!!

Well it was my first show of the year and what a way to kick it off!! I regularly stand at tattoo and kustom lifestyle shows and love meeting lot's of colourful wonderful people so when I was invited to stand at The Eclectic Wedding Extravagnza I was beside myself with excitement!

Everything that you would want at your wedding but with an alternative twist. Affectionately abbrievated to EWE with the tag line being "Don't be a wedding sheep" all the stall holders (flockers) are personally invited based on their goods and services having a unique twist.This was most definitely my favourite wedding fayre i've ever attended and I hope to be a flocker every year as the show gets bigger and bigger. This year saw it move to the bigger venue of The Bond in Digbeth, Birmingham, a great wedding venue close to the city centre so great for hotels, and by the side of the canal.

I met lot's of brides and out of all my portfolio it was the sugar skull look that was the most talked about. Beautfully modelled by the wonderful Charlie who often lends me her beautiful face whenever I want to create something weird and wonderful. We actually did this look when Charlie was off out for the night for Halloween 2014. It worked well for a night out as also I think it would for a themed wedding beacuse of the fact she still looked very pretty. We did half her face with a dramatic make-up look with thick volumising lashes and the other half in a Mexican day of the dead sugar skull. We did the make-up at 12pm and she sent me a pic of what it looked like at 3am after a full day and night of partying and it was still all in place minus her lips, but I think I can be forgiven for that!

As for the rest of the stall holders I cannot begin to justify the talent of these people in words so I will just show you the pictures. Please note the bird skeleton and skulls are actually made of chocolate!!

If there is anything you like the look of then please visit where you can find out more about all the exhibitors featured or drop me a message and i'll point you in the right direction.

I hope ewe enjoy looking at them!

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