Curls, Tattoos and Yes You Can Wear Red Lipstick!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE working tattoo conventions, the people are always so lovely, friendly and COOL!! They always have a bit of a family affair as all the artists, traders and guests have usually crossed paths before so it's always nice to catch up, and so in June I took the pop up parlour to York International Tattoo Convention,

My boyfriend is a tattoo artist, Steve Thornton at Ink Kings in Ilkeston, Derbyshire (shameless plug!) and we usually have a stand each at the shows but this time he fancied going along as a guest rather than spending the whole weekend working so he came along as my "helper". He definitley saved the day for me as halfway up the M1 I realised i'd forgot my mirror! Not wanting to send the ladies to the loos to check their make up he nipped off to buy one whilst I set up and for a rough looking bearded chap he came back with a very pretty one with a little bird on to match my logo (which he designed and I may one day get it tattooed) anyway, with enough brownie points for him for the whole weekend I let him wander off and get himself some new ink for a change.

There is always loads to do at tattoo conventions in addition to rows and rows of amazingly talented artists showing their skills. They're very much a family friendly show with face painting, kids entertainment, trade stands, bands, food, charity auctions and in this case viking re-enactments! A lot of the time the artists are pre-booked as they have specific pieces that they want to do for the shows' competition but you also get artists taking walk ups should you wish to get tattooed on the day.

Pin-up style hair and make-up is always popular at tattoo shows and I was set up next to a fab hairdresser Lisa Marie of Pretty Pin-Ups, we hit it off straight away and worked great as a team. Lisa did some fantastic pin up style hair do's whilst I did the make-up. We have since formed ourselves into a bit of a double act and have booked a few more conventions sharing a stand, plus Lisa is another go to bridal hair stylist to add to my contact list!

The 50's pin-up look is quite a striking and dramatic look thats natural but not, all you are doing is dramatically enhancing your natural features such as making red lips redder, lashes longer and eyes more contoured and shaped. It's a look that many people feel they dont have the confidence to pull off but when you are in an environment like a tattoo show or vintage carnival full of so many people expressing their individuality through their clothes, make-up, hairstyle or tattoos you soon have people queuing up and feeling brave enough to try a new look. Lisa and I had such lovely comments from people who came back to us saying that they had felt a million dollars all day, one lovely lady came back at the end of the day just to tell me she has always lacked confidence and never really wore make up but she had put a picture of herself on Facebook with her hair and make up done and said it was the most likes and positive comments she had ever had on a photo ever, it may seem a small thing but nobody could wipe the smile off her face that day.

I know to a lot of you the thought of suddenly emerging from your front door wearing bright red lipstick and your hair in a victory roll would fill you with panic, you think everyone is staring at you thinking "what does she look like?" when really they're probably wishing that they had the confidence that you have! There is a shade of red out there for EVERYBODY, there are thousands of them and if anyone ever tells me they cant wear red lipstick I politely tell them that they're talking rubbish and get them to take a seat. Once i've found their right red they realise that they can. I know there is always that confidence issue and moment of self doubt of suddenly out of the blue you are sporting a bright red lip so my advice would be to do it gradually, start off with a softer red and work your way up so that its not so much of a shock when you look in the mirror or make your dad ask you what you have done to your face, but trust me when you finally face the world wearing MAC Ruby Woo you to will feel a million dollars and you will rock it!

Lisa and I will be at The Oxford Tattoo Convention on 15th-16th October and Sheffield Tattoo Convention 4th-5th November. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Meanwhile here is my list of my favourite red lipsticks. Feel free to comment with any questions!

Maybelline- Hollywood Red

Maybelline -Pleasure Me Red

Rimmel Lasting Colour-Queen of Hearts

Kate Moss for Rimmel-107

Lancome L'absolu Rouge-132

MAC- Ruby Woo

MAC- By Special Order

MAC =D for Danger

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