Curious Coco Maid with Love

Specialising in alternative custom made bridesmaids wear, Curious Coco know that every bridesmaid is as individual as the bride herself. With a range of different fabrics, prints, colours and styles for you to choose from, you can ensure that every garment is as unique as the person wearing it. The brief of the shoot was cute, colourful, fun, mermaids, unicorns, rainbows and glitter.....HEAVEN!!!

The models were three hot girls who are not strangers in front of the camera. We had successful YouTube and Instagram blogger Emily Fisher of Mermaid Gossip, burlesque performer Titine Lavoix and professional pin up model Vintage Doll Laura. Jane Titine also styled the hair, along with her performing she also has a vintage inspired salon and pop up salon which she takes to events. I also have to give credit for the hair to my partner Steve who came along with me, as we were travelling to Birmingham on a Sunday I thought we'd make a day of it and head to China Town for some food. Whilst her was sat waiting for me and doing nothing he patiently sat there with a long blue mermaid wig on his head for two hours while Jane styled it and yes I took pictures and tagged them all over Facebook. Sorry Steve.

The amazing photographs were by Bethan of Haywood Jones Photography, bridal dresses were by Curious Coco's sister company The Couture Co, Accessories were by Jamball and Working Clasp and decorations by Pulp Cards. The fantastic cardboard animal heads were made by Curious Coco's very own Yasmin, they were made from many frustrating hours watching a YouTube video but I think we can agree they came out fab, I dont think I would have had the patience!

Fortunately for me, on this shoot we had a professional YouTube blogger who vlogged away all day which makes this blog very quick and easy for me...i'm just going to upload her video and let her tell you all about it! Emily has also tagged all the suppliers involved in this shoot.

Just Click the video below!

To look at all the photos then pop over to Rock 'n Roll Bride and see what Kat had to say about it at

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