So I came to my website to update the upcoming events section, three hours and a numb bum later i've rearranged the whole site. I didnt like the portfolio section of the site as it was very difficult to put things in any kind of order plus any new uploads were going to the bottom of the portfolio gallery rather than the top. To force me to keep on tope of my website and update it regularly Ive decided to scrap the whole portfolio section and put everything under a blog, ie all shoots will have its own blog, each wedding will have its own blog, ok that might be putting a bit too much pressure on myself, maybe i'll do a wedding blog each month, but you get the idea!

Now I feel decluttered here is a selection of my favourite wedding pictures* to kick start this 'new me new website' malarky!

* These are favourite wedding pictures not favourite weddings, if your picture isnt here then its because you've not sent me a picture not because I didnt like your wedding!!

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